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Weekly African Challenge as we follow Mr Clements through Africa

A colouring competition (please see your class teacher)


Well done to everyone who took part in our 


Our school looked really colourful and the children were reminded about how to keep safe on these dark and dreary mornings. Pictures in the Gallery.



Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow
Dysgu Heddiw am Yfory Gwell

Attendance 2015/16

Attendance for week ending 5.02.2016

Reception  94.4%               

Year 1  92.5%          Year 4   95.7%

Year 2   95.5%         Year 5   96.7%

Year 3   87.4%         Year 6   96.0%

Class 10 98.0%          

Whole school for week ending 05.02.2016 ~ 93.9%


The total attendance for 2014/15 was 94.23%              Our target  for 2015/16 is 95% 


Latest News

Haarlem Globetrotters visit Fairwater! Pictures in the Autumn 2015 Gallery.



Each month we shall be looking and thinking about different VALUES. 

During September we have been thinking about FRIENDSHIP; what a friend is like and what you need to do to be a good friend to others.

In October we will look at RESPECT.  We will be thinking about everyone as a special person, whatever their age, religion, colour of skin and will include anti-bullying.