Fairwater Primary School

Fairwater Primary School

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Our Vision and Aims


Learning Today for a Better Tomorrow’ ~ ‘Dysgu Heddiw am Yfory Gwell’


To provide a broad, balanced, carefully planned curriculum that promotes an holistic approach to the development of the whole child.

A happy, caring, secure environment

To provide a happy, caring, secure environment that promotes high standards of behaviour through positive relationships and respect towards others.

To develop independent pupils with relevant skills needed to support life long learning.

To promote the development and use of the key skills of communication, numeracy, ICT and thinking skills through a broad, stimulating and relevant curriculum.

To create an environment that meets the additional learning needs of each child through an inclusive curriculum, ensuring that all have equal opportunities to fulfil their true potential.

To develop an understanding of their own and other peoples cultures demonstrating respect and tolerance of others beliefs.

To develop children’s awareness of Wales and give them a knowledge of Welsh culture, history and language.

To build strong partnerships with families, the local community and governors so they can effectively play their part in their child’s education.