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Christmas fun making cushions.

Canada went to Cardiff

the children had the best time on 20th November, not only did they learn academically to stay within budget and reviewing characters in Goosebumps for their story writing but their social skills excelled immensely.  they learnt how to give up their seats for an older adult on the bus, they spoke politely to shop assistants and to each other, they looked out for one another crossing roads and staying together during their shopping experience.  trust me when I say this parents, 'it really wasn't a jolly!'

I had several members of the general public comment on how well behaved the children were and how kind they were to each other.  Canada and I appreciated the learning experience.

Bus ticket was free.

cinema ticket free

Spending money - bank of mum and dad = very happy children.

One of the best learning experiences to date....trouble is, how will I beat that now for our next trip...

Thank you to Gethin's, Jac's and Liv's Mum for helping us on our trip.